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Established 1946


Our Mechanic looks after Minor and Major Servicing for all makes and models (including European)

Log Book Servicing 

Brakes, suspension, wheel alignment and registration checks are all covered

Panel Beating

Randall’s repairs for all insurance companies and fixes things like bumpers, internal trimmings and broken windows for all makes and models. 

Randalls replaces headlamps, light globes, batteries and windscreen wipers and can complete paint touch ups and wheel alignments. 


Pink slips ($46)

Blue slips ($73)

For cars and motorcycles

Also licensed to register classic cars in NS

"They did the most thorough inspection to identify then fix all the problems”

"I recently bought a used car which annoyingly ended up being (almost) a lemon. Took it to Randalls and they did the most thorough inspection to identify then fix all the problems. Steve went over and above in his service and now the car runs perfectly. Paul was so professional and accommodating to all my questions and grievances. Thanks a lot guys!"

Pink slips take around 20-30 minutes at Randalls. 

Service NSW (or RMS, Roads and Maritime Services) sets these registration checks at $46 including GST. Once the vehicle passes the eSafety check, our mechanic sends it electronically directly to the RMS (for more information click here).

At this time, we’re quite busy and cannot always accept drive-in pink slips without a booking. We highly recommend booking prior to arrival, feel free to use our online booking tool by clicking here, or call us on 9427 0866. We schedule Pink Slips from 7:00am – 1pm Monday to Friday.  

With eSafety checks, additional expenses may arise for example if globes or windscreen wipers need replacing.

Blue slips (‘Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspections’) are $73 as set by the RMS.

They take around 40 minutes at Randalls, and similar to a pink slip the results are sent electronically to the RMS.

Please book your Blue Slip online. 

Yes. The ACCC has stipulated that the consumer has the right to select their own repairer of choice by a qualified mechanic who can stamp their service logbook and still maintain warranty.

You’re not locked in to the manufacturer’s warranty unless you accept an extended warranty from your dealer (and then you would be locked in for the length of the warranty).

A typical service (or minor service) takes a minimum of 1.5 hours. 

A major service (usually at milestones set in your logbook, such as 5 years or 50,000km) can take up to half a day, and we usually recommend allowing a minimum of 4 hours. 

It’s difficult to estimate a price for a mechanical service over the phone. Mileage, wear and tear, logbook requirements, the size of the car and the time since the last service are all factors that will affect the price of a service. 

However we can provide an estimate after inspecting your vehicle and the service logbook.

Yes. We will only service what has been booked.

Any additional work (from issues that may arise) will be discussed and quoted with you directly, prior to that work being carried out.

Unsolicited work (such as adding four new tyres or changing suspension) when booked in for a different service is unlawful, and Randalls will always inform the customer if any additional issues need looking at.

Yes. LPG fitted cars and modern electric cars (like Tesla) require specialist qualified mechanics and cannot be serviced at Randalls 

We can do pink slips for motorcycles and scooters, however we do not service them.

Also vehicles over 3,500kg will need an industrial sized hoist and cannot be serviced at Randalls.

Yes. Occasionally some cars have issues not worth fixing. Randalls has relationships with wreckers, tow truck drivers and used car dealers and from time to time purchases vehicles.

No. It’s very difficult to quote a job on images alone. In special circumstances however, such as if the car is not mobile, we may advise over the phone. It’s best to chat to your insurance company if this is the case.

Yes to both. We have a supplier that can deliver just about all types of tyres at very competitive prices either the same day or next day. 

We also have the equipment to fix most punctures. We can’t stress enough to leave the nail in there before bringing the car in!

We do local pick up and delivery within a limited radius (around 2.5km) from the centre of Lane Cove plaza. 

We also offer Saturday pick ups and drop offs on request.

Yes. We can organise on site full detailing from associated businesses. We also offer car washing and cleaning for a fee.

About Us

Randall’s has been in business since 1946, and Paul has owned & operated Randalls with his team of qualified technicians since 1993.

Randalls has won awards from Insurance Companies and continues to provide quality repairs with outstanding service.

Being the only ‘one-stop-shop’ for auto repairs in Lane Cove, Paul and the team have built a loyal customer base in the 2066 post code region.

Randalls has been and continues to sponsor local sporting teams, schools & service clubs.

*Randalls is licensed for Mechanical, Panel Beating and Spray Painting work, however we cannot service some types of specialised vehicles such as hybrid, electric or LPG. 

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